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Globe Stories revolves around remarkable accounts from around the world and the inherently human sense of yearning for special places and their tales, the ocean, memorable reads, smart architecture and product design.

Globe Stories, as told by Ella means…

Authentic and personal consultancy based upon more than 10 years of experience with communications and strong personal contacts with key editors and journalists.

Individually guided media relations, PR strategies, as well as travel-, design-, architecture- and book related writing.

Lovingly crafted and carefully worded stories with an emotional appeal so as to sustainably plant key messages amongst the audiences that matter.

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"A taste for the beautiful is most cultivated out of doors."
Henry David Thoreau

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What they say about working with Ella

“Passion for her clients’ services, attention to detail in presenting them and well fostered, productive relationships with key members of the media that make a difference are just a few of the quality attributes that Ella Grigorovici naturally incorporates in what she does each and every day. We value our long term relationship with Ella, her productivity and the value it represents continue to impress and are among the very best I have encountered in my 20 plus years at the Wickaninnish Inn.”

Charles McDiarmid, Owner & Managing Director at the Wickaninnish Inn, B.C.

“We have been working with Ella on various occasions throughout the past 4 years and repeatedly on press activities around product launches for e.g. Euroluce in Milan.She has more than proven to be a highly professional, reliable and amazing business partner with perfect people skills! “

Rebecca M. Mauz, Head of Customer Service & International Marketing at SWAROVSKI Lighting Business

“Ella is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is upbeat, informative and clear. She has exceeded our expectations in finding reputable outlets to share our stories. We have found Ella to be an incredible complement to our German marketing efforts and we continue to see growth in this market.”

Becky Murray, Operator & Owner at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, B.C.